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Hole stone - grade A

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Hole Stones, distinctive stones hailing from Indonesia, feature multiple holes that not only add character to your aquarium’s appearance but also serve as shelter for its inhabitants, particularly their offspring. Additionally, their rough surface texture provides an ideal foundation for planting epiphytes.

Size :
10-15 cm
15-20 cm
20-30 cm
30-45 cm
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Hole Stones, unique rock formations from Indonesia, boast distinctive structures featuring multiple holes. They not only add character to your aquarium but also serve as shelter for its inhabitants, particularly the young ones. The rough surface provides an ideal base for planting epiphytes.

These stones have a mild water-hardening effect, which can be mitigated by performing regular water changes of at least 50% per week.

For your convenience, these stones are offered in pre-assembled sets. These sets provide an excellent way to acquire a perfectly matched assortment of stones suitable for various aquarium sizes. Please note that the sets are pre-arranged before arriving at Aquasabi and cannot be opened or altered.

The product images serve as representations. Keep in mind that stones are natural products, and no two are identical. Every purchase will include a distinct and one-of-a-kind selection of stones.


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