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Innovative products for freshwater and marine aquariums, which make a difference in the daily maintenance of your fish, plants and corals.

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Natunae is a leading company in Italia specialized in produce several kind of natural decorations for aquarium, terrarium and even garden since 2018.

Our products range is composed by a rich catalog of driftwoods, roots, bonsai, hardscape for aquascaping, ornamental stones for aquarium, terrarium and garden. No matter what are you looking for Natunae has it!

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We offer a variety of high quality products and equipment to meet all your aquarium maintenance needs. From small to large aquariums, to a variety of decorative accessories, we have everything you need to create and maintain the aquarium of your dreams.

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Catappa Leaves

Catappa leaves are considered as natural water conditioner for aquariums Sweet. Our leaves release a lot ...

Aquarium Woods and Roots

We provide various kinds of Woods for aquariums of the highest quality and we can send worldwide.

Aquarium Stones

We provide various kinds of ornamental stones for aquarium of the highest quality and we can send worldwide.